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You did not understood what i wrote 🙂

My original images are 540 x 620px – this is what i am uploading, and i want them in the source in this size not scaled down. But currently all team members appear with 270 x 310px. And it is not a HTML width property source reduction, it is a scaled down version of the image.

Strange is that my settings on media page are 300x300px, with best-fit, so the size above, being 310px height, ovverides this. This is why i taught it must be a plugin or theme related.

So after a few investigations i see that the bfi lib is doing the uploads and resizes, and there are some image sizes defined in the content.php and content_***.php pages.

Also, you will not see the images as too blurry, because on tablet resolutions i edited the theme to have 2 columns and not one. One column structure kicks in only in mobile view (originally they were one column, col-md-3 having width:100%, and in a resolution with 900px width, the image was very very blury – just imagine a 270px image streching 100% to the container width).

I hope i was clearer now, and basicly all i want is to have a bigger size of the team member image called in the source. That’s it. And if this is cropped during upload, i need the setting where i can change this.

PS: maybe you could add a setting for image thumbs in the theme setting section.