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I already answered on your E-Mail but here is answer if anyone else need this:

File content.php is used only for main Blog page. Code for Blog shortcode can be found in Elvyre core plugin under “includes / content-manager /” directory.

If you want to override element and make some changes please read guide below (Guide can be found in Documentation, section Customizations):

Customizing Content Elements

Content elements in Elvyre are all elements available in Content Manager that you use to build a page (Services, Portfolio, Tabs etc. only Shortcodes, not Widgets).

To customize any of these you will need to create directory where you will store your modified files.

1. Open your Child theme’s directory and create a directory called “content”.
2. Open functions.php (in Child theme) and copy/paste code from this site.

All Content Elements are located in Elvyre Core plugin – “wp-content / plugins / elvyre-core / includes / content-manager/”. If you want to customize for example Buttons, copy “buttons” directory to “content” directory you just created in Child theme.
In this way you can edit any content element that is available in theme.