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Did you modify the CSS in style.css? If yes,then, please tell me what is the new css as I don’t want to lose it when I update the theme.

On this page, is the background image showing the top 190px of the images? If I increase the height for smaller resolutions will it affect the image for desktop and tablets?

Revolution Slider

For the first slide, I have added the same slide which you have on your demo (it is the 3rd slide and has blue mountains with snow on them). On my site for low resolutions (mobile) only top part of the image is showing while on your site the whole image has been properly scaled down. Please compare the first slide here
with 3rd slide here

In WP admin the revolutionary slider section has changed completely. Is it something you did?

I do thank you for all your help. The temporary login is still active.

Please do help a little more in resolving revolutionary slider issues.

Thanks once again.