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Hello onafets,

1. You can hide all meta data or only individual items.
Navigate to the Elvyre options->Appearance->Custom CSS to enter code below.

To hide all meta data:
.post-meta {display:none;}

For hiding date:
.icon-clock {display:none;}

For hiding user:
.icon-user {display:none;}

For hiding comments:
.icon-comments {display:none;}

For hiding tags:
.post-tags .icon-tags {display:none;}

2. For contact to show 2 offices in the same map you will need to create custom maps:
And then you will need to copy code and paste it in text editor to show it.

4. To change Blog in your breadcrumbs you will need to change name of the page what is main blog page.
Find page with title blog and rename it.

Best regards,