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Robert Kavgić


I’ve taken a look at your Google Analytics code and everything seems to be fine.

The only thing i noticed is that a page-wrapper div is not properly closed, but I doubt that would affect Google’s code search.

To fix the closing page-wrapper div, go to wp-content/themes/elvyre and open a file called footer.php.
Go to about line 84 where it’s written:

<?php if ($pi_theme_options['website_layout'] == 'boxed'): ?>
    <!-- .page-wrapper start -->
    <div id="page-wrapper" class="clearfix">
    <?php endif; ?>

Modify the upper code so it looks like the following:

<?php if ($pi_theme_options['website_layout'] == 'boxed'): ?>
    <!-- .page-wrapper end -->
<?php endif; ?>

Save the file and upload it to your server replacing the current file version.

Check out if Google still reports that the script is not installed correctly.