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Robert Kavgić


The best solution would be to create child theme of metropolis, and add custom jquery code to it ()

The code you should add is:

$("section.service-box-2 >, 
section.service-box-1 > div.content >").remove();

Another way is to modify shortcodes.php at line 831 and delete the following block of code:

<div class='read-more-btn'>
    <a href='{$service_link_to}'>{$read_more}</a>
    <span class='plus'>+</span>

The upper code is for service-box-2, and the following is for service-box-1. Delete the following block of code at line 855:

<div class='read-more-btn'>
    <a href='{$service_link_to}'>{$read_more}</a>
    <span class='plus'>+</span>

If you add display: none to the .read-more-btn class, you will remove all the read more buttons on you website. It is better just to remove them in service-box-1 and 2.

For all the future theme modifications, please hire a freelancer or someone who is able to solve your requests, as we only provide support for bugfixes and similar, not theme modifications.