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Private: Home Forums HTML Templates Mixed Modern and Professional HTML Template Changing width of when Menu Bar is replaced by Open Menu Button Reply To: Changing width of when Menu Bar is replaced by Open Menu Button

Robert Kavgić


Yes, I see the problem now.

First, remove the style-New.css from the tag as it’s overriding the menu responsivness and causing it not to display properly. As I can see, it’s the css file from another theme.

I see you’ve made some major css changes, so I adapted reponsive.css so your website looks like you wanted to. Also, your modifications on bootstrap.css caused your site not to display properly on resolution from 700 to 767px width (it was displayed as 1140px width site) so I’ve provided you with an original, unmodified version of this file.

I’ve attached a file to this post. Once you extract it, you will see two files – reponsive.css and bootstrap.css (original file without modifications). Replace the existing responsive.css and bootstrap.css files with the ones you previously extracted.
Also, make sure to backup the existing files before replacing in case something is wrong after replacement.

I’ve attached a few screenshots of how your site will look like once your remove the style-New.css, use the responsive.css and bootstrap.css from the zipped file.

Also, I’ve noticed that the “Investors” menu item is being marked as the current one on the home page instead of “Home” item.


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