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Robert Kavgić

One of the solutions is to disable the animations on footer widgets through “Elvyre options -> Footer -> Widgets animation”. I’ve tried disabling the animations and once I did that, the widgets appeared normally.

I think this happens because of the homepage height which is too small and the jQuery Waypoint script is not working properly in this case.

If you don’t want to loose footer widgets animations, you can try setting the higher value for the Waypoint script ‘s offset. You can do this by going to wp-content/themes/elvyre/js/ folder and opening include.js file.
Go to about line 181 where it’s written:

offset: '80%',

Change the value 80% to a higher value, for example, 90%:

offset: '90%',

and see if the problem remains. Also, if this doesn’t work, try setting lower value, just in case (70%, or similar).

As for the Google maps link, you have it defined in two locations.
One is in wp-content/themes/elvyre/core/meta-box/meta-box/inc/fields/map.php at about line 16:

wp_enqueue_script( 'googlemap', '', array(), '', true );

The other one is defined in wp-content/themes/elvyre/core/meta-box/meta-box/inc/helpers.php at about line 320:

document.write(\'<script src="//"><\/script>\')</script>';