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Private: Home Forums WordPress Themes Elvyre – Retina Ready WordPress Theme image in the header next to the social media icons Reply To: image in the header next to the social media icons

Robert Kavgić


Yes, it is possible, but it requires modifying of PHP files.

You need to edit header.php file located in wp-content/themes/elvyre/ folder.

Go to about line 120 where it’s written:

    </ul><!-- .social-links end -->
<?php endif; ?>  

Add the following code BELOW the code you’ve found in the previous step:

<div style="float: right;"><img src="path/to/your/file.jpg" /></div>

So the code after modification looks like the following:

	</ul><!-- .social-links end -->
<?php endif; ?>    

<div style="float: right;"><img src="path/to/your/file.jpg" /></div>

You can add a class to the div element and style it through “Custom CSS” field of “Elvyre options”.