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Hi Tomek,

As I can see from code, something strange is happening. First I couldn’t use plugin for editing source code (it always work). Second problem was with function “get_template_directory()” that returns full path to theme’s directory. On my installation it’s “/home/content/15/9749015/html/testenv/wordpress/wp-content/themes/elvyre” on yours it’s just “//wp-content/themes/elvyre”. I think this is a problem because it’s relative path.

I would like to try to hardcode link to Redux framework if you can create FTP account for me because if I fail (like I did with last try that break website) I will be able to fix it and access website again.

p.s. I made changes to “elvyre / includes / includes.php” so if you want to access website, revert that file to original (replace it).