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Robert Kavgić


You can remove the dropdown menu easily.
For example, to remove it from the “Home” item, modify the following code at about line 151:

<li class="dropdown pi-mega-fw current-menu-item">
	<a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">Home</a>
	<ul class="dropdown-menu">
			<div class="pi-mega-content">
				<div class="row">
					<div class="col-md-3 pi-mm-col">
						<ul class="pi-mm-list">
							<li class="current-menu-item"><a href="index.html">Home Default</a></li>
							<li><a href="index02.html">Home style 2</a></li>
							<li><a href="index03.html">Home style 3</a></li>
							<li><a href="index04.html">Home style 4</a></li>

					<div class="col-md-3 pi-mm-col">
						<ul class="pi-mm-list">
							<li><a href="index05.html">Home style 5</a></li>
							<li><a href="index06.html">Home style 6</a></li>
							<li><a href="index07.html">Home style 7</a></li>
							<li><a href="index08.html">Home style 8</a></li>

					<div class="col-md-3 pi-mm-col">
						<ul class="pi-mm-list">
							<li><a href="index09.html">Home style 9</a></li>
							<li><a href="index10.html">Home style 10</a></li>
							<li><a href="index11.html">Home style 11</a></li>
							<li><a href="index12.html">Home style 12</a></li>

					<div class="col-md-3 pi-mm-col">
						<ul class="pi-mm-list">
							<li><a href="index13.html">Home style 13</a></li>
							<li><a href="index14.html">Home style 14</a></li>
							<li><a href="index-one-page.html">One page style 01</a></li>
							<li><a href="index-one-page-2.html">One page style 02</a></li>
				</div><!-- .row end -->
			</div><!-- .pi-mega-content end -->
	</ul><!-- .dropdown-menu end -->
</li><!-- MENU ITEM .dropdown end -->

to look like the following:

<li class="pi-mega-fw current-menu-item">
	<a href="">Home</a>
</li><!-- MENU ITEM end -->

I have attached a zipped index.html file with the dropdown menus removed from the Mixed wide template.


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