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Robert Kavgić


The dropdown menu you’ve showed on the screenshot is used to select the template which will the Revolution Slider use. This is not the selection of available Revolution Slider sliders.

You can insert the slider by using the shortcode or by inserting it through Content Manager.

By using the shortcode, you can insert the slider anywhere you like. Take a look at your last image, the shortcode is displayed below “Krotki kod”. Use this code and place it anywhere in content where you want your slider to appear.

By using the Content Manager, you can insert the slider by clicking on “Add Content” and choosing “Revolution Slider” element from the list.

If you want to insert it on the homepage, use the option in “Elvyre options -> Home Page”. Make sure that the “Show Slider On Homepage” is checked and that you insert the right slider alias in “Revolution Slider Alias” field. The slider alias is shown on Revolution Slider’s plugin main page (take a look at your last image and notice the “Slider (slider)” below the “Nazwa”. The name in the brackets is the slider’s alias (in this case it it “slider”).

I assume that the 50% bar is added through Content Manager’s element called “Skills” on the page.