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Hi Robert,

thanks for the idea, i tried it, and the result is essentially the same. I twiddled with the parameters further and i can make the collapsed nav bar shrink much smaller etc, but i cannot get rid of it and restore the proper (normal) menu bar at a reasonable resolution.

So working with Safari 5+ lets pick a target window width of 1024 px, which seems reasonable. That way you can experiment with this, which should speed the process up a bit. So at that resolution we need the normal (horizontal, white, blue highlights) menu bar, and not for it to collapse into the black box. We can adjust the space given to the logo etc if there is a spacing issue.

The design already shifts each cell onto a new line if the window is too narrow, stacking the logo etc over the menu bar, so there really is no need to then further collapse the menu bar as well, as there is plenty of space to draw the whole menu.

Or is that the issue ?, the header being a table, perhaps the js is working with a cell size as a percentage of window width, and we need to adjust the table parameters ?

Sorry but i do not know any of this js code, i have never seen it or worked with it before.

thanks for you help in this,