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Private: Home Forums WordPress Themes Elvyre – Retina Ready WordPress Theme Navigation button disappeared from mobil view? Reply To: Navigation button disappeared from mobil view?


I’m trying to clean up from the bad install someone else did..ugh! I just updated this theme from 1.2 to 1.4 and I would of though any html modifications that was previously done to the theme would have been corrected…Is this not the case? If so, how can we clean up any mods that where done? Can I give you access and you take the heavy modifications out for me or should I do a clean install? To be honest, I don’t want any mods done to this theme, I like just the way it is Great Theme! The supposed “web design company” that this client previously had, obviously didn’t know what he was doing…How can we fix this? I just re-did the whole slider on the home page this morning, are these the modifications your speaking of? Did I do this correctly? I think it looks killer… Take a look: