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Private: Home Forums HTML Templates Mixed Modern and Professional HTML Template Scaling the slider to take account of smaller Displays (1366 x 768) Reply To: Scaling the slider to take account of smaller Displays (1366 x 768)


Hi Anthony,

we used Revolution slider plugin here. Revolution slider is calculating the necessary width and height of a slider according to width of the screen and keeping the same ratio of the image. What you could do is to write your own media query for that resolution and force the slider to be smaller. Just note that the slider in that case won’t be fullscreen anymore as it is keeping the image ratio the same. To have a smaller slider you can make media query for this resolution and target “.slider-wrapper” in your css and give it some width and height. For example you can make slider width 768px and add margin: 0 auto, so the slider will be positioned on the center of the screen. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.