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Hi Vladimir,

thank you for open this topic again.

I apologise, may be I was not able to explain myself properly the I wrote “That was easy, if I should know how to do it… ;)”.. The meaning was “I am not able, could you please help me whit this? For you is so simple, but for me is not”.

I can make small changes myself in a css like to change a color or the size of an object, when i know where it is locate insite the css. What I can’t do is to create a custom css class and where to insert.

So, please, I’d need you to guide me into this, or do yourself if you think that it is easier than explain.

But I am really surprised, as I wrote, that you have to do all that simply to align a button. You should seriously consider to implement this feature since many many people don’t no hot to do it..

Thank you so much for your help and your time, I really appreciated it!!!