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I will explain you how to optimize few files because it’s dangerous to make changes live. Here are few tips:

Copy all CSS from Elvyre options -> Appearance -> Custom CSS and paste it into separate CSS file. Load that file in “pi_theme_styles” function using “wp_enqueue_style”. Don’t forget to remove all code from Custom CSS field. Now “custom-styles.php” file won’t be loaded (if it still does, you can comment hook in functions.php, line 140).

Open “elvyre / css / darkblue.css” and replace color “#727c89” with your color style (as I can see it’s #f97745). Remove custom color value in Elvyre options -> Appearance -> Custom Color Style.

This two tricks will disable loading “custom-styles.php” and “color-style.php”.

After you do this, CSS for slide caption and like-buttons will work too because for some reason on your website custom styles are not properly loading.

Last thing what you can do is to merge CSS files into one file and do the same with javascripts. This will decrease number of requests.